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Ariana Kinnischtzke

Occupational Therapist




Special Interests:

  • MNRI - Reflex Integration Therapy

  • Social-Emotional Regulation

  • Sensory Feeding Approach

A Bit About Me

Ariana lives in Bismarck, ND with her husband and two young sons. She is a graduate of the University of Mary receiving her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy and Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology. Ariana has over 5 years of experience in outpatient pediatrics working with children of all ages with a variety of specialized needs. Ariana has a passion for combining traditional occupational therapy methods with foundational neurodevelopmental science and primary sensory-motor development to promote the most out of every session. She is currently studying Masgutova Neuro-Sensory-Motor Reflex Integration (MNRI®) as a Level I Core Specialist-in-Training under the Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute. Ariana’s Core Specialist, Level I, training includes:

  • MNRI® Archetype Movement Integration

  • MNRI® Intensive Professional Educational Training (IPET®) Archetype Movement Integration

  • MNRI® Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration

  • MNRI® NeuroTactile Integration

  • MNRI® Stress and Trauma Recovery

  • MNRI® Reflex Integration: Maximizing Brain Potential Classroom Strategies

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