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Upcoming Events & Trainings

  • Trunk Or Treat
    Time is TBD
    Join us for a parking lot Trunk Or Treat Party!
  • LINKED: Breathing & Postural Control
    Fri, Sep 30
    Kids In Motion
    Mary Massery's course, formally known as If You Can't Breathe. Geared towards ALL DISCIPLINES (OT, PT, SLP), you will not want to miss this course. LINKED proposes a new definition of “core stability;” redefining it as the dynamic control of trunk pressures to optimize postural stability (balance).
  • MNRI® Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration
    Thu, Mar 10
    Kids In Motion
    This course provides the foundation for professionals and parents to understand the importance of primary motor reflex pattern maturation, why a reflex might not be integrated, the impact a non-integrated reflex can have, and the MNRI techniques designed to assess and integrate reflexes.
  • ND Council for Exceptional Children Conference
    Thu, Feb 03
    Kids In Motion will be an exhibitor at the ND Council for Exceptional Children
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