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Trick or Treating Tips!

Halloween – A fun filled holiday with creative costumes, sweet treats, laughter, and excitement! While this holiday brings joy and fun for the whole family, for some children (and parents) navigating the event can be tough. Our therapists at Kids in Motion have some tips and TRICKS for you to help make this holiday a fun one.

1. Social – Some children may feel shy or nervous when asked to say “Trick or Treat” or may have a tough time waiting for their turn. Practice at home before going out, having your child knock on doors in the house and pretend “Trick or Treat”. Play turn taking games to practice waiting at home and social communication.

2. Sensory – Loud noises, sweet and sour candy, typically dark lighting... the spooky or silly atmosphere of Trick or Treating can provide a wide range of input to the senses. For some kids, this can be overwhelming. Signs to watch for include changes in emotion, avoidance, or an increase in energy level. Offer a break, deep breathes, or slow calming music to help your child get back on track.

3. Safety – Trick or Treating is a great time for children to grow their independence in a fun, social environment. Before heading out to the neighborhood, set limits and boundaries to help your child safely participate in this activity. Hold hands while crossing the street, walk in groups, and remind your child to find you after they go up to the door. This is a great time to teach your kids about safety in the neighborhood!

From the therapists at Kids in Motion, we are wishing you a FUN and SAFE Halloween!

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