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Have a “Sensory-friendly” Holiday!

This season is filled with joy and excitement for many. Good food, holiday music, the hustle and bustle around the stores, and time with family are just a few things that make the holiday season special! For some however, the extra noise, scents, and cold chill can be overwhelming. We encourage you to take time for self-care, so that you can enjoy your favorite parts of the holiday season. It is important to teach children this as well, so that they understand their own emotions and ways they can manage these emotions in a safe and healthy way.

A few signs to watch for that indicate your child may be overwhelmed by sensory experiences:

  1. Fussing or crying more often, outside of their typical temperament

  2. Increased amount of energy, difficulty focusing

  3. Seeking out movement (climbing on furniture, running, etc.) more often

  4. Moving “slowly” or appearing tired

One way you can help your child is by offering a break with calming music. If you are out and about, practice stretching and deep breathes. Deep breathing can help calm the body and increase focus.

Occasional difficulties with managing emotions can be expected as children are still learning. However, if your child is struggling to participate in family routines and activities they enjoy (sports, play, sleep, mealtime, hygiene routines, etc.), they may benefit from extra support to help them be more independent in managing their emotions and completing daily routines. Occupational Therapists at Kids in Motion are here to help! Contact us at 701-415-0000 for more information.

Wishing you a SAFE and HAPPY holiday season!

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