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This developmental screening program is free of charge as a service to our community parents/caregivers, providers, and partners who share our interests in helping children thrive through play, team collaboration, and family focus. 



The Kids In Motion Success Program was designed to establish a partnership between families and/or early childhood professionals to understand how your child learns and grows.   We utilize Ages and Stages (ASQ), a well researched screening tool that tells us information about different areas of development in children between birth and 5 years 6 months.  This is not a test, rather a way that we can learn about your child's strengths and support needs. We hope that through these developmental screens we can provide parents, caregivers and your family tools to enhance growth and development in addition to identifying early, the children who would benefit from a formal evaluation in occupational, speech, or physical therapy.  The results of this screen are utilized to inform parents and catch children early if there are concerns or to put your mind at ease if you feel that something is not lining up correctly.  


See your child's STRENGTHS

Understand the OBSTACLES

Create a POSITIVE picture

Clear your mind of UNCERTAINITY

Embrace the CHALLENGES

Stay on TRACK

Shake the DOUBT

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Kids In Motion "Success" Program

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