Pediatric Occupational Therapist 

Job Description:

Work with children, youth, and their families, and their caregivers to promote active participation in activities or occupations that are meaningful to them.

Emphasize physical skills to increase movement, strength, and/or coordination; and adaptive skills or equipment to address deficits in cognitive and executive function, sensory processing, visual motor and perception, and the ability to form appropriate social and interpersonal relationships, with a goal of improving the childs functional performance and independence.

Address children's emotional and behavioral needs as they relate to everyday activities and social interactions.

Address developmental milestones such as (but not limited to), facilitating movement to sit, crawl, or walk independently; learning to pay attention and follow simple instructions; developing the ability to eat, drink, wash, and dress independently; learning to cope with disappointment or failure; reducing extraneous environmental stimuli, such as noise for a child who is easily distracted; building skills for sharing, taking turns, and playing with peers; using toys and materials in both traditional and creative ways; and participating in age appropriate daily routines.

Individualized compensatory swallowing strategies such as;  Modified diet textures to ensure safe swallowing and eliminate or minimize the risk of aspiration, adapted mealtime environments including visual presentation of the meal to encourage eating, and creation of a setting that encourages attention to the meal, enhanced feeding skills including strategies to create feeding independence and provision of appropriate adapted utensils, preparatory exercises prior to a meal to facilitate the oral and pharyngeal motions required for eating, positioning of the body to facilitate optimal digestion and arm use for independent and safe eating.

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