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cage therapy
Universal Exercise Unit

The UEU is a system that has bungee cords, pulleys, and a track system used for not only strengthening but proprioceptive work for children.  Kids love working in the cage because it is fun, we can let them fly like superman (which also has a purpose), and it makes them feel supported while working on strengthening and conditioning.  

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Some of the amazing things we do in the cage:

  • We can eliminate gravity by suspending kids with bungees to help them stand, sit, and take steps independently in situations where we may not be able to on land without extra hands

  • We can give kids deep proprioceptive input by using the bungees to pull them into the floor to give them a sense of grounding that some of our sensory kiddos seek.

  • We can work on strengthening any joint/muscle that you could work on in a pulley/cable system in the gym but in any position.  This really comes into play with our kiddos who can not sit to strengthen but tolerate their tummy or lying on their back. 

Diagnoses Treated:

  • Sensory dysfunction

  • Any neurological or musculoskeletal condition including CP, post surgical, genetic diagnosis, toe walking, strengthening post disease

  • Functional task practice such as moving from sitting to standing, squatting, or hands and knees play

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