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Pediatric Therapy
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Access to patient appointment information and invoices for current balances and bills due 

Do I need a referral from a doctor?

Kids In Motion will gather your child's information and document your concerns to send a request for referral directly to your primary care provider prior to start of services.  This takes the stress off of you to gather that information. Occasionally, your physician may request that your child complete a visit to discuss concerns before making a referral for therapy services.  In that case we will inform of you of that request. 

What is an evaluation? 

Therapists will begin an evaluation by asking you a medical history to gather information about what could be impacting your child and discuss your concerns.  We use examination to help us identify what might be happening in the body that could be impacting your child. This could be assessing muscle strength, chewing, messy play, balance, tolerance for movement, vision, ability to sit still or attend, how your child moves, or gathering more information about how your child responds to difficult situations.  We use many tools to help us look at the whole child and learn more about strengths and barriers affecting your child's daily routines.

What happens after the evaluation?

After your therapist completes the evaluation and scores all the gathered tools, uses clinical reasoning, and discusses the results with your family, a decision will be made about how often and how long to see your child.  These decisions are based off of clinical experience and parent feedback. in addition to parent's ability to help carryover skills into the home to help the child progress.  Not every child is the same so therapist's use clinical reasoning to help us identify what will benefit the child often meaning they start more frequently and taper off as the skills are carried over in the home. 

Home Programming

Your family or caregiver is welcome into each session.  Each session will be progressive and information will be sent home either verbally or with handouts about skills taught and carryover activities to complete at home.  

Does my insurance cover therapy? 

Kids In Motion accepts most insurances.  Cost of therapy depends on your deductible, coinsurance, and out of pocket max.  There is some information regarding those terms on our insurance page but it is recommended that you call your insurance company directly to find out your benefits.

Where can I find more info?

Education & Resources

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