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Respiratory & CardiopulmonaryFunction


A multidisciplinary approach to facilitating a more efficient breathing pattern using techniques to training/retraining the diaphragm, chest and everything in between.  Our clinicians are trained in management of breathing patterns, and the use of findings to assist patients with everything from phonation to pelvic floor. 


In simpler terms, the techniques and methods we use aim to help children (from birth to 21 years old) who have issues with their muscles or breathing. We work with kids who may have problems like difficulty swallowing, spitting, or breathing, as well as conditions like asthma, GERD, and a history of tracheostomy use.

Our goal is to help these kids improve their ability to breathe and communicate. We use various approaches like:

  1. Airway Clearance Techniques: Methods to help move mucus or secretions from the lower to the upper airway.

  2. Managing Secretions: Assisting with swallowing, spitting, or drooling issues.

  3. Postural Drainage: Using specific positions to help drain mucus from the lungs.

  4. Breathing Exercises: Teaching techniques like active cycles of breathing to improve overall breathing efficiency.

  5. Coughing Techniques: Helping develop effective cough mechanisms.

  6. Breath Support for Speech: Enhancing the ability to produce sounds and maintain voice.

  7. Manual Techniques: Hands-on methods to aid in muscle control and function.

  8. Eccentric and Postural Control Techniques: Strategies to improve muscle control and posture.

  9. Respiratory Rate Adjustments: Changing breathing patterns to support different activities.

  10. Endurance Training: Building strength and stamina, especially for conditions like stroke (CVA), asthma, or cystic fibrosis.

  11. Manual Therapy: Hands-on therapy to enhance the use of the diaphragm.

We tailor our approach based on what each child needs—whether it's improving posture, stability, speech, or specific breathing functions. Our success stories include helping kids move better, speak more clearly, and build endurance through better breath control. We focus on the individual needs of each child, whether they are dealing with weak muscles, problems with vocal cords, or the aftermath of certain medical procedures.

Child Yoga
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