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Insurances In Network
  • Medicaid

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Anthem BCBS

  • Sanford Health Plan (Not Sanford True)

  • Tricare

  • United Health Care (UHC)

  • Cigna

  • Health Partners

  • Medicare

  • Aetna

Insurances Out of Network
  • Sanford True

Secondary Insurance Required
  • Sanford True

Private Pay Option
  • $150/hour

  • 20-60 minute sessions


Kids In Motion recommends you contact your insurance company to ask about your benefits prior to starting services and holds no responsibility for your insurance costs.  This is meant to be informative to help you understand benefit terms. 


The amount you pay each month for your health insurance plan.


The amount you pay for health care services before insurance begins to pay. For example, if the deductible is $1,000, you will pay 100% of all expenses up to $1,000. After that, the insurance company will share in the cost of covered services (coinsurance). Some services, such as preventive services, are paid right away, before you meet your deductible.  Consumer pays everything until deductible is met and then they continue to pay COINSURANCE and CO PAY until they meet their out of pocket deductible.


After your deductible is met, you share of the costs of a health care service covered in your plan with your insurance company until your out of pocket max is met.

Out-of-Pocket Maximum

The most you would pay in a calendar year, including copays, before your health insurance begins to pay 100% of the allowed amount. The out-of-pocket maximum doesn’t include your premium and charges that are over and above the allowed amount.

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