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To The Kids In Motion Difference

About Us

Blurring the Lines Between Work & Play


Pediatric Therapy including Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy / Speech-Language Services

Pediatric Chiropractic Care


Kids In Motion strives to reveal the strengths of all children and families through play, family focus, and team collaboration.  


To be a community leader in providing pediatric therapy that is fun, functional, and family centered.

Core Values

Collaboration, integrity, life-long learning, family focused, transparency, personal accountability


Our commitment to our families is to build a strong foundation and work to functional play which is so important for all children's development.  We stand out from the crowd by focusing on family as well as the child and making sure you are part of the decision making process at each session. 


Kids team culture is our greatest asset.  We are successful in providing fulfilling jobs for driven therapists and support staff whose primary goal is to serve children through play, lifelong learning, family focus, and team collaboration.  Each individual in our company strives to work tightly with families to serve our children, seeking innovative and fun learning experiences for both the staff and families we serve. 

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