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Kids in Motion is the best!  The atmosphere and staff are phenomenal.  Kim explains everything she is doing to the parents and really involves them in the therapy process.  She is also truly passionate in helping your child succeed.  She pushes your child but makes it fun!  We have seen so many improvements since starting with Kids in Motion.  We love Kids in Motion!   

- K.I,


Our experience here has always been outstanding. They are polite, professional, and encouraging. Kim and her team are all very attentive and extremely knowledgeable. After our daughter spent over a year working with OT, PT, and ST at another center we barely saw any improvements in her daily life, it seemed to just stave off atrophies. Through some innovation and one-on-one actual attention to each client, Kim and her team have been able to help my daughter move more freely in a short amount of time. They gave us exercises to work with her at home which has really helped loosen up stiffness. They even provided us with fun ideas to keep her interested (like a hand, foot, shape cut out yoga mat twister version). Families can participate in their child's plan of care. Kids in Motion is able to have some discussion while providing information on where she is, how she is doing, what they are doing, what they can do, what WE can do, and what to expect. It's such an amazing feeling to have thorough, patient, knowledgeable, and reassuring therapists when it comes to concerns we have for our daughter's future mobility so close to home. They are amazing and we cannot thank them enough for what they've done so far. :-)

- L.A.

I have been so happy with the small atmosphere at Kids in Motion. I know that my son and our family are getting the best services. I feel so fortunate to have Brittany as my son's OT. She is very knowledgeable and has lots of resources for me as a parent. I recommend Kids in Motion to anyone who is looking for OT or PT services.


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