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Toddler Tuesdays - Walking

Whether you are a first time parent or have a small quarry of little rug rats running a muck, what to watch out for and what is important always seems to be in the back of your mind! Typically parents are all consuming about their child walking around a year but in reality, walking can occur up to 15 months and still be perfectly typical. If your child has not started to walk by 15 months it would be a good time to get a developmental screening or evaluation with your physical therapist.

Some other patterns of walking that should resolve with practice in walking include

1. Tip Toe Walking: Typical until the age of three AND only if they do it occasionally. If you have a persistent tip toe walker it is recommended to get an opinion of your pediatric PT or OT.

2. Knock-Kneed: Should resolve by 6 years of age

3. Flat feet: If flat feet persist and your child's foot rolls into the ground, proper shoe wear may help but specific exercises for strengthening to avoid orthopedic problems in the future is a must.

4. Bow legged: Starts when children start walking and should resolve after walking for 6 months

5. Pigeon Toed or Duck Footed: Can be cause for underlying concerns of hip or leg abnormalities.

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